Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wednesday July 29, 2009-Big Curve Acres Farm

9When I woke up it was pouring rain so I didn't rush to get up. It came down for most of the morning so I didn't get my walk in till just before lunch. I took a bunch of photos around the park but I'll post them another day.

After lunch we went to the Big Curve Acres Farm which is only about a five minute walk away but we drove since we were going to get fuel after and also because you never know when it will start raining these days and we don't want to get the cameras wet!

The cost to get in was $5 per person. They had goats, rabbits, horses, chickens, a few peacocks, a little pot bellied pig and some llamas. You could walk around in the pen with the goats. I took lots of photos but animals aren't always cooperative.

The horse and pony wouldn't get far enough away from the fence so I could get a photo without the fence in it

Kid having his lunch

Another kid resting in the sun


Peacock - they have moulted and lost all their tail feathers but they're still beautiful

Little brown rabbit
A handsome fella

Donkey and goat

A Fancy Chicken

Goat smiling at me

After that we went and got fuel at 81.9/litre. That's the lowest we've paid since we've been back in Ontario.

Now I smell like a farm so it's off to the shower for me!


  1. I've seen many a farm but never a chicken that looked that. Great barn!


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