Saturday, 25 April 2009

A Little Drive

We had another gorgeous sunset last night. I took photos from the front step of our RV again.

It was already 16C (60F) when I got up shortly after 8 this morning. The sun was shining and it was looking like a perfect day. I decided I'd better get back into my walks. There isn't much place to walk in the campground so I went out on Canaan Road. The shoulders are fairly wide but there is a big hill that you have to climb and I did it! I walked for about 25 minutes then came back in and did my back exercises. I have to say that since I haven't been walking, I haven't had nearly the back problems I have when I do walk.

After breakfast Gordon decided he wanted to go for a drive along the Ottawa River to the east of the campground so we went out for a couple of hours. You get some good views of the river but there's mostly housing along it and nowhere to pull off the road to take photos. There are three ferries to take you to Quebec that run and I got a photo of one although it's not great with the pole in the way. This one is at Alfred/Plantagenet.

Here are some other photos that I took.

A couple of old barns

A little winding creek along the road

A kayaker in the Ottawa River

We got back shortly after noon. I couldn't wait to get to bed. I was exhausted and slept for about three hours. Guess I'm not over this bug yet!

This afternoon turned cloudy and I think I heard some rain just after I lay down but I did see a high of 26C (79F) when we were out this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to cool off though.

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  1. Love the pictures...enjoyed our chat today. Don't over do on the walking if it is hurting you back. Maybe some standing in place exercises would be easier on your back?

    Joe and Sherri


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