Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Getting the Important Stuff Done

Today was cold, wet and rainy. I think our high was 7C (45F). I haven't been doing much walking lately due to traveling and then getting this cold. I sure need to get back to it!

This morning Gordon called immigration and found out some details about picking up his Permanent Resident Card. His cold hasn't been getting better so he thought he'd better go and get it today in case he gets worse. So off we went in the rain. We had to go to downtown Ottawa and parking a one ton truck down there isn't fun so Gordon pulled over behind a delivery van across from the building, turned on the 4 way flashers and got out. I got in the driver's seat and took off to the nearby grocery store who has a free parking lot. I wandered around the grocery for a while then back to the truck. I was just heading out to plot how I was going to pick him up when my phone rang. He was only gone about 45 minutes. So now he's good till October 2013 then we have to go all through the procedure again. The only option would be for him to become a Canadian citizen, otherwise every 4 1/2 years it's do the paperwork!

When we returned to the RV, he went to bed and I had a shower and went in to Rockland (the nearest town) where they have a Superwalmart, a Food Basics and a Your Independent store. For a small town it sure has it's share of grocery stores. Anyway, I managed to find mostly everything on my list that was important and some items that weren't on the list.

Here are a couple of photos I took from our window this afternoon.

After unloading the groceries and putting stuff away, I made stew and cornbread muffins and it was good!

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  1. Yes it sounds good! I would love to have some now. I am at work and did not have much diner. Oh well I need to diet anyway..

    Joe and Sherri


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