Sunday, 26 April 2009


Read about the Ottawa and area severe weather last night. Luckily we only had a distant clap of thunder and some rain but apparently there were tornado touch downs in areas around Ottawa and severe winds, the worst apparently since the late 70's. Some people lost power.

All that 'weather' blew in a cold front so it was only 6C (43F) when I got up this morning. I started out for my walk but almost as soon as I got out the door it started to rain so I came back in. It didn't last long but I decided instead to go out to a Mall later today to do some Mall walking. I'm officially an old fart!

So late this morning I got ready and drove into Place D'Orleans. It's the closest mall to where we're parked. I spent a couple of hours there just walking around. I bought a few minor things, not much as I have to feel good to shop and I don't right now. Also not having any money, doesn't help. LOL.

After leaving there, I headed to Farm Boy. I had called this morning and asked if they had any nectarines and was told that they did so away I went and guess what? No nectarines! I was really annoyed as I was feeling tired and not myself and let the young fellow in produce know that I wasn't happy! It's so hard to get good help these days!

Leaving there I stopped at a couple more groceries but still no nectarines. We have to go out tomorrow so I'll try when we go in to Ottawa to sign our income tax forms and learn the bad news there!

When I got home, I lay down and had a nap.


  1. Oh, Sandra, I didn't know that there were tornados as far north as Canada. They were pretty horrid when I was in KS, and it must have scared everyone, especially when you are not used to them. I doubt if you have shelters like we did in KS?
    I am so glad that you came through it unscathed.
    Praying that you will feel better soon.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Several families within 20 miles of here lost their homes and out buildings last night. Tonight we are forecast torrential rains and colder (55) tomorrow. Seems as though this nasty line reaches all the way to Ottawa, so keep your head down and get to feeling better!

    Rod & Loyce

  3. I hope that you have no bad news there Sandra. We did well last year and got money back so I was happy. I don't know what next year holds for us me on SS and Sherri still working?? I hope we don't owe anything.

    Joe and Sherri


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