Monday, 20 April 2009

Murphy's Law

I was warm and cozy under my electric blanket listening to my favourite radio station here in Ottawa when all of a sudden the power went off. I had heard on the radio that there were some areas in the east end of the city where the power was off so thought that's what had happened. So knowing that my bed was no longer going to be warm and I couldn't listen to the radio, I got up.

Gordon was just coming in from outside and told me that our electric plug had been smoking so he unplugged it.

To make a long story short we went into Orleans (before breakfast), the most eastern suburb of Ottawa but couldn't get what we needed there. We came back to the park thinking we'd buy the pigtail (50 to 30 amp) at the campground as we'd seen one in the store yesterday but the office wasn't open. On our way back we stopped to pick up some fruit as I had eaten most of it before we crossed the border so had none for breakfast. Then back home for breakfast, still with no power.

When in Orleans, I saw this snow in a parking lot

So after breakfast we headed west to our own dealer, Vos Trailers (about 100 km or 60 miles return) from where we're located. We took both our 35 foot 50 amp cord as well as our pigtail. Again long story short, we're replacing the pigtail and due to the 50 amp plug being discoloured from being too hot they are cutting about 10 feet off our cord and putting on a new 50 amp plug.

Vos sent us home with a 50 to 30 amp pigtail and a 30 amp cord on loan until the plug comes in and they can do the work. They are a wonderful dealership! So at least we now have power. That's as close to boondocking as I ever want to be.

I took this photo of Ottawa's skyline from the freeway coming from Vos.

When I got home I had lunch and went back to bed for the afternoon. I still don't feel much better even with that wonderful afternoon sleep.

Last night after I posted, I went for a little walk around the park. I actually felt better last night than I do tonight. Here are some photos.

Flying Canada Geese

Pretty tree in the park

A copse of white birch trees

Our site from another angle

There are several of these little bridges throughout the RV park

Lots of Canada Geese in the fields around us

Last night's sunset from our front doorstep

Temps today low 2C (35F), high 15C (59F). We had some sun this morning but most of the day was cloudy. Rain's coming tonight!


  1. Why do they have to cut off 10 ft of cord? That will only leave you with 10 ft??? You'll need more than that??

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Thankyou for suggesting that all the folks take me in as a facebook friend. I have a bunch of the RV Dreams chatters on the list now!

    That will make facebook more fun! Some of my ham friends will make less than nice comments at times, so I hope they will keep it acceptable or I'll get kicked off the friend list LOL



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