Friday, 24 April 2009

A Warmer Day

I went for a short walk this morning as it was sunny but still chilly at 5C (41F). I still wasn't feeling up to par so I came back in after about 15 minutes. I had woken up feeling kind of weak and headachy.

This morning I just hung around and read and played on the computer. We needed bananas so I went into Rockland this afternoon. The temperature reached 20C (68F) this afternoon when I was out in the truck which is what was forecast as today's high. It remained sunny all day but still a slight cool breeze. I was also searching out a place to get propane as we emptied one of our tanks last night. Doesn't look like we'll need it much over the next day or so as it's supposed to warm up.

Note the bilingual signs in Walmart in Rockland. This is still in Ontario. I've never seen this in stores in Ottawa.

I've been checking out geocaches the last day or so as I have to find a place to put Ducky Love,

the travel bug that Ellie and I found when we were staying at Powderhorn Lake. It's kind of wet and muddy around here yet to do it but I need to get Ducky Love placed as I promised the owner I would do it at the end of April and the time is here!

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  1. Well Ducky Love has traveled a long way to be hidden in a cache somwhere in Canada. Someone will be surprised to find it some day.

    Joe and Sherri


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