Sunday, 22 March 2009

To Houma, LA

Low-56F (13C)
High-79F (26C)

I woke up to dense fog. I had heard Gordon leave for Lake Martin before sunrise so away I went on my walk and took some photos as the fog was lifting.

A couple of photos of trees just as the fog was lifting

Spider web in the fishing pond

GBH in the pond at the front of the park

One of the irises in bloom outside the rec hall

The rec hall here has a verandah that goes around all four sides. It sits along one of the fishing ponds. I need to go down and sit in one of their rockers and just dream for a while!

As we were leaving the park, these two loons were swimming in the pond just as you're leaving the park.

About 10 a.m. we left the RV park and headed out for a road trip. We took I-90 from Lafayette to Morgan City. I stand by my opinion that Louisiana roads are the worst I've ever been on. Just outside Morgan City we happened upon the Brownell Memorial Park. We stopped for a while and walked on one of the trails taking some trail and swamp photos as well as photos of the Carillon Tower which is part of the park. This is a privately owned park endowed by the Brownell family. The bells for the tower were imported from Holland play on the quarter hour. We saw and heard bells like this when we were in Curacao some years ago. They sound so beautiful.

Path in the park


Carillon Tower

More swamp

From there we took a roundabout way to Houma and saw lots of small Louisiana towns and countryside.

Interesting building in Houma

I have to say that the Houma of the V.C. Andrews books is no more! It's now a fair size city so I had to go outside the city to find a decent photo of a Louisiana bayou. I thought this one fit the bill. I've always had visions of poling down a Louisiana bayou probably from reading so many Andrews books.

We have bayous at home too only we call them creeks. The difference being the snakes and alligators!

We stopped at Taco Bell at Morgan City on the way back so Gordon could have a tostada and we could use their facilities, another stop to take a photo of the court house in St. Martinville and home! We arrived back at Poche's Fish N Camp shortly after 5 p.m. after over 7 hours on the road!


  1. That's a long day! Beautiful pictures, especially the spider web. I can't figure out why I'm so fascinated with spider webs. Thanks

  2. Sherri is in LA too. She is working just outside of Monroe. She will be there until Thursday night.



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