Monday, 23 March 2009

Laundry and Resting

Low-62F (17C)
High-76F (24C)

It was partly cloudy most of today but still pleasant with a breeze. After my morning walk, breakfast and a shower, I changed the bed and got the clothes ready to do laundry.

Gordon drove me up and helped me unload the laundry and while I got it in the machines he took the trash to the dumpster, then we both went to the office to see about signing up for another week here. We still have a couple of weeks before we have to start heading north and we didn't see anywhere else we wanted to go in Louisiana. Gordon really likes Lake Martin and this is a nice Passport America Park so why not stay here. They have 3 RVs coming in on Wednesday that wanted to be together taking this spot and two beside us. This is a family run operation so they had to consult Momma about us staying in the spot we're in. As it turned out we're okay where we are for another week.

I went back to doing laundry and Gordon walked back to the RV. About 2 hours later I was done so came home for lunch.

Gordon decided to go to the rookery but I was tired not having slept well last night so I stayed behind and made up a meatloaf for tonight's dinner and did some reading and computering.

I just got notification that Rollie and Gina now have a blog. I'm putting it on my sidebar but to go there, click here. We met Rollie and Gina in Kerrville a couple of weeks ago and had a tour of their very very big truck! One of our regular chatters, Hembree has also been added, click here to see her blog.

Late afternoon I didn't have any photos for my blog so I took a little walk through the campground. Here's what you get from that walk.

Looking toward the office and the RV entrance from our site

This is the first cattle egret I've seen here

Our RV looks lonely all by itself

Pretty clouds over the RV's on the other side of the fishing pond

More pretty clouds

This is the rec hall

Sun rays near sunset

I started reading a book called "Toxin" by Robin Cook yesterday. I have to tell you that reading this really makes you want to become a vegetarian. Since I had the hamburg out of the freezer I had to make something out of it so chose meatloaf but I'm not sure how good it's going to taste!


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    Thank you for adding me!!!

  2. Your America the beautiful card for Natioal Parks is also good for 1/2 price discount at Louisiana State Parks. Fountainebleau is a beautiful park. Our favorite actually. Paula


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