Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Another Restful Day

Low-62 (17C)
High-76 (24C)

Last night after I posted my blog, Gordon got fed up with our router again so we went in to Superwalmart and bought another one. He set it up during the night. We used it today and it doesn't seem to be any better than the old one so I guess another trip to Superwalmart is in order to return the one we bought!

We slept with the windows open last night. It had been warm enough to do it since we've been here but there are tiny flies that can make it through the screens so we hadn't done it but last night's wind took the flies away so we took advantage of that. Also we are pretty much alone in our part of the campground now.

It was mostly cloudy today although I did have a peek or two of sun when I was out for my morning walk.

We had sun and cloud on and off today so it would have been an okay day to travel if we had decided to leave here.

I didn't do much today - read, went up and sat on the verandah at the rec hall, walked some books I had read up to the laundry room where they're starting a library, walked around the ponds a bit and this afternoon I baked a coffee cake from a gluten free mix I had purchased from HEB when we were in Victoria. I don't bake very often mainly because we don't need the extra calories but also because baking gluten free stuff from scratch requires a lot of ingredients to carry around so since we started rving, I haven't been doing it. It sure smelled good when it was baking and it tasted pretty good with a blackberry topping!

Here are some photos from my walk about.

This is the office and living quarters for the Poche family here in the park.

Really big thistle with pretty purple flower

Path and pretty clouds by fishing pond

Our site between the fishing ponds

I took this photo just before sunset tonight.

For Gordon's latest journal update click here.


  1. I am told that the no see ums or sand midges are repelled by deet insect repellent. If you spray the screens, they will not be able to crawl on them and sneak thru. Your mileage will vary, but worth a try if they get to bothering.
    I am deathly allergic to their bites, and swell up and itch like crazy. Makes Rockport and the beach really hard for me to enjoy.

  2. Love the last photo....good job. You take really good photos and Sherri and I love to look at them.

    Joe and Sherri


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