Thursday, 26 March 2009

Weather Obsessions

Last night was a very unsettled night. I was listening to the NOAA station on my weather radio and it was forecasting very severe storms with 60 mph winds with a tornado watch and warning that if you were in its path to seek appropriate shelter immediately. I was watching the animated map and it seemed as if the storm was going to go north and continue east of us however not being used to storms of this type being from Ontario, I couldn't sleep. I woke Gordon up and told him, he wasn't concerned so I lay down fully clothed. The thunderstorm arrived with very heavy rain but no real wind as was forecast. I haven't heard of any tornados that hit the area, thank goodness. However, tonight is another stormy night!

Before I got up this morning I was listening to a radio station that was asking people to call in and tell them what the grossest thing was they had found in their food at a restaurant. Some of it was pretty awful. It makes you never want to eat in a restaurant again. What a way to start the day!

Morning-62F (17C)
Afternoon-75F (24C)

I got up a bit later this morning considering I didn't sleep well. It was still raining a bit but not enough to keep me from my walk.

After breakfast and some internet surfing, reading blogs etc. I managed to get a little cleaning done, not much, don't want to overdo that sort of thing when you're retired!

I started reading a new blog today. I got the link from the rv-dreams forum. So here's another one for everyone - Tales from a Crazy Heifer. I've read it from the start and am trying to add it to my sidebar under "Heather". So far, I've done it twice but it doesn't show up so I've left it under the blog name but will change it as soon as blogspot will let me.

Today was a quiet, cloudy, humid day. We didn't have rain during the day but I kept watching the satellite and another storm is approaching from the west although it looks as if it will take the same path as last night's did. It looks as if there were a lot of active tornadoes today in Louisiana but none in our area.

I spent the day either on the computer or reading inside. I only went outside once briefly this afternoon to take a photo of a great blue heron that landed on the platform in the pond across from us.

Today's photo of the kissy face swallows was taken today by Gordon. Aren't they cute?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog and saying hello. I am now following you too. Nice to "meet" you.


  2. Keep your head down and watch those storms carefully, there's not much dry land between those fishing ponds. LOL.

    Seriously, I think our nasty cold spell will bother Dee in Atlanta more than you folks.


  3. Greetings from down the road! My IT Director and his wife follow your blog and husband's photography. He sent the links to me and I am enjoying your husband's photography. I'm taking a beginners class at present! I hear your husband goes to Lake Martin alot? Our last class will be out there on April 8th, probably about 6ish (PM). How much longer are you planning to be in South Louisiana? (


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