Friday, 27 March 2009

Survived Another One!

Morning-65F (18C)
Afternoon-83F (28C)

The thunderstorms came earlier last night, knocked out the TV satellite so I missed the last 20 minutes of Gray's Anatomy. You'd think the storm could have waited another 20 minutes! Oh well, I'm sure I'll see it on reruns this summer. The thunderstorm wasn't as bad last night as the night before but we still had lots and lots of rain. There were tornado watches but again we escaped that again, thank goodness!

Yellow swamp iris

I actually had a bit of sun on my walk this morning but the forecast is for another night tonight like the last two then these systems move off to the east and bother someone else! Tomorrow is forecast to be much cooler than it has been.

Stormy skies over fishing pond

This morning I defrosted the freezer, another little job done. After lunch I went into Breaux Bridge to get it filled up again. I also got a hair cut. I looked in a couple of the other grocery stores. I'm trying to find yellow corn grits (polenta) without any success.

We didn't have any rain during the day today and had a bit of sun off and on but very humid. I can't imagine what it's like here in July and August. Not a place I'd want to be.

I'm posting this early in case we lose the internet when tonight's storm hits!


  1. We never miss any storms here in Louisiana! Lets hope tonights are milder....
    Don and Cheryl

  2. Sherri is from Lousy Anna and believe me it is hot and humid big time there. With the swamps and the bugs on top of that you can be miserable. On the other hand there are some real beautiful places to go and see...and one heck of a lot of history.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. Glad you missed the storms, now it's our turn. We've had several tornadoes south of us. So far so good in our area.


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