Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Padre Island National Seashore

Low-64F (18C)
High-72F (22C)

I opened the windows again last night before going to bed but closed them half way through the night as it was foggy and I could see the condensation on the screens.

It was still cloudy when I got up and a little cooler than it has been. It was also very windy and it was a north wind so I prepared for my walk knowing that I'd be walking into it along the beach. I did take my camera this morning so here are some photos taken after sunrise but still in golden light.

The dune flowers are coming out

The sun shining on the rippled water

Just after sunrise - I like the extra band of light just where the water ends

We had planned to go to the Padre Island National Seashore today. The cloud started to clear up around 10:30 a.m. so I packed a lunch and we headed out. Since Gordon now has his "America the Beautiful" card we didn't have to pay the $10.00 fee to get in.

Padre Island National Seashore sign

We stopped at the Grasslands trail and walked part of it. I thought the dunes here looked like the dirty snow piled up at LeBreton Flats. Gordon didn't agree with me. LOL! It was a nice walk but would have been nicer if it wasn't so windy!


Grasslands Trail

More dunes

Before we got to the Malachite Visitor Center which is at the beach, we drove along all the side roads that go to the beach. We didn't drive far as although we have 4 wheel drive, Gordon doesn't enjoy driving on the beach very much.

We drove into a couple of the camping areas. They are all boondocking sites. Some of them were so close together I can't imagine why you'd want to boondock there.

Boondocking side by side

The second campground we drove into was better and each site had a picnic table.

Nicer boondocking area

We stopped at the Malachite Pavilion (Visitor Center) and had a look around. The paved road stops at the beach, then you can drive about 60 miles along the beach. We drove about 2 miles maybe. It looks much the same as it does here at Mustang Island State Park. There were boondockers along this beach too. It must be hard getting some of the rigs through all the loose sand.

Malachite Pavilion

The paved road ends at the beach

Then it becomes 60 miles of beach road

The road, the beach, the ocean

Boondocking on the beach

The ocean

Our lunch was eaten at the Visitor Center picnic tables. All in all, I'd have to say we weren't overly thrilled with the National Seashore. I guess it would be different if we weren't camped at the beach here at Mustang Island.


When we got out of the park area we drove around Padre Island. There are lots of hotels and condos for rent around. Lots of building has gone on since we were last here.

Sand blowing across the road

Pretty sky

Flowering yucca tree at the entrance to Mustang Island State Park

All that sand and salt air wore me out. I read a few pages when we got back and was asleep in no time.


  1. oh wow, 60 miles? We would love to get to that area. We love walking the beaches. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Enjoyed your adventure once again, Sandra. The pictures are great..
    I don't like the wind either, especially at the beach...

  3. Tom Warfield11:33 am

    The wind can be a bit too much. I like a "stiff breeze" on a warm sunny day but once it kicks up so that I can barely get one of my big kites down I know that it is more than a stiff breeze. Of the 15 or so kites I have a couple of the largest can be a chore to get back to the ground.


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