Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hangin' Around the Area

Low-62F (17C)
High-72F (22C)

It was a beautiful, mild morning but no sun and looked very much like rain so I dressed appropriately just in case. I didn't take the camera either. I can get wet but getting the camera wet would not be a good thing.

I chatted with Karon for a bit this morning on Yahoo Messenger as well as a friend of mine who just returned home to Ottawa from a motorcycle trip to Mexico and Florida.

Then I got busy and finally entered in our expenses for February. I hadn't even started yet so it was a bit of a daunting task. Then I set about going through the templates on blogspot to try and find a new look for my blog site. So, how do you like it?

We had a nice little shower this morning and clouds and sprinkles with a bit of sun mixed in on and off during the day. Mid afternoon we went down to the beach and took some photos. The sky was pretty dark then.

Sky blends with water

Rain dots in the sand

Swimmers in the ocean

Ruddy turnstone

White dune flower

After that we went to Padre Island where the beach shops are and had a look around there. I didn't buy anything for myself.....

One of the beach stores - some of these have amazingly decorative on the front

I thought these little houses were so pretty - there was a whole row of them and each was painted a different colour

Just as we got back to the RV a car drove up and it was Gale and Anna. Anna is often on rv-dreams chat. It was nice to meet them. I'm glad we were here!

I talked with my sister who is spending two months on Siesta Key in Florida. She and her husband are loving it there. My niece visited them for a few days this week to get out of the cold in Ottawa since she had the week off university for reading week.

That's our day!


  1. Sandra, I like the new blog set up. Looking to meet you and Gordon next week.


  2. Wow!!
    I thought I was on the wrong web site!

  3. Very nice Sandra.. That is a neat picture on the top..of course all of them are great..

  4. Anonymous8:58 am

    Very nice. I have been following your's and another fellows blog in the RVG with great interest from here in cold and snowy Oakville, ON. Keep up the good work for we who are stuck in the Canadian winter.


  5. Hi Sandra, Great new look ! I really like it. Looks like a beautiful area you are in.

  6. yes, looks great and love the photos. I especially like the colorful row of houses, would make a neat little painting.....

  7. Hi Sandra,
    I love your bird pics and the new look!
    Keep 'em coming!
    aka Birdingrvers

  8. I like the new look. The darker background seems to make you photos "jump" off the page


  9. Anonymous8:42 am

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