Sunday, 25 January 2009

Today pretty much sucked....

but not all of it - I had a nice long walk/run. It was cloudy all day 47F (8C) when I walked this morning and got up to 56F (13C).

Things started going wrong mid day when Gordon's computer died. He did various things to it and got it up long enough to back up all his photos that hadn't already been backed up but was backing up email when it died again so little by little he's coaxing it to come back to life so he can finish the backup. Now, what do we do? Buy a computer here and pay the Canadian exchange rate which is about .25 cents or so on the dollar by the time it goes through the credit card company or try to share my computer with the PC desktop as backup until we get home. #1 reason for the day to suck.

Next it was an email from my sister telling us that we got anothe refrigerator recall notice. Is it the one we had fixed in September or another one. We'll have to call our dealer in the morning. #2 reason for the day to suck.

Also in my sister's email she indicated that Nortel (where I retired from and who is funding our extended health care) has filed bankruptcy, their pension plan is underfunded and some pensioners did not get their cheques this month. Does that mean that our extended health care won't be paid? Not sure how to find that out but I guess we're considered unsecured creditors. #3 reason for the day to suck.

Then my eye has a tick in it since all that has happened and is driving me nuts. #4 reason for the day to suck.

For now we're doing okay and I expect things will fall into place one way or another.

Here are some photos I took on a walk around the park this afternoon.

A fine pelican specimen
Athena waking up from her nap in the straw

Another pelican with marsh grass in front


  1. We are watching all the newspaper stuff from Nortel since our friend works there. He didn't get a check this week either and the pensions have already be taken. He's worked there 25 years. He's upset too, but as of today, the health is paid, but that's not expected to continue, at least by the news article. I'm so sorry.

  2. supertrooper7:46 pm

    I hope things are'nt as bad as you fear with the Nortel pension situation .I would be very worried too ..sigh .....
    Linda xxxxx

  3. Oh Sandra, I am so sorry. Lets hope your health insurance gets paid, that sure is a worry. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Not to worry...just change your citizenship to USA and join the thousands here without health insurance. We have over 8 million illeagle aliens here in Texas that have never paid in the first dime on SS and health insurance. They get some of the best care available. You will do just fine.

    Joe and Sherri


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