Saturday, 24 January 2009

Shopping Trip

Today was quite a bit cooler than we've had lately. Our high was 59F (15C) but it was 52F (11C) when I walked this morning. There were two roseates really close to the bridge this morning as well as a tri colour heron but I don't take my camera when I'm walking so the only photos I got were on my phone and it doesn't take close ups. If I had had my camera, I could have gotten the whites of their eyes - if roseates have whites in their eyes.

We decided to go to Victoria today. Gordon has been looking for a camera bag to carry his new lens and they didn't have anything here in Port Lavaca. I also needed a back up battery for my camera. Since my new camera does a lot more stuff than my old one it goes through battery power like crazy. So, we were off before 10 a.m. First stop, Walmart - no luck with the camera bag. They had a worse selection than the Port Lavaca Walmart. We then stopped at Office Depot, no luck there but he was successful at Target. I also got headphones for my 'walking' radio as ear buds fall out when I"m running. So now I can listen to my radio again. We got my camera battery at Best Buy and I got a 6 inch sub for lunch at Subway at the Victoria Mall while Gordon went to Taco Bell just down the street. We also stopped at Hobby Lobby and I'm happy to say that I managed to not buy any beads even though they were all 50% off and there were some nice ones! I did buy a little thimble looking thing that has some velcro or something on it for picking up beads. When you have fingernails and the beads are tiny they tend to get under your nails so we'll see how this works. We also stopped at the HEB Plus store and I picked up a few things there.

We saw this train on our way out of Victoria. We haven't seen many trains this year unlike last year.

On to Port Lavaca, we took the back way in on FM1090, went to Walmart, filled up the water jugs. I wanted to get milk and didn't want to carry it from Victoria. I got some other groceries too. Gordon fueled up as Port Lavaca has the best diesel prices in the area but it has gone up to 2.09.9. He also took a few photos around town, then we headed back to our house on wheels.

Downtown Port Lavaca

This oil rig is getting set up between where we are and Port Lavaca

On our way home this fire truck fromt he Magnolia Beach FD was sitting on the road just cleaning up from what looked like a grass fire.

After unpacking the truck we went over to the office to see Ginger and got us tentatively signed up again next year beginning December 1st so we know we have a home to come to next winter and we'll be back on site 18!

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