Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Trip to Houston and 25 Random Things About Me

Today was warm, low 69F (21C), high 81F (27C) but that won't last. A cold front should come through tonight. It looked like rain when I started out this morning so I just did the side streets. But it didn't rain and the sun came out.

Around noon Gordon called the Apple store in Houston. They said the new computers weren't in yet but was assured that they had the older ones for the same price. These are the same as I have. So we got in the truck and headed to Sugarland which is a suburb of Houston, 2 hours away and found the Apple store without a problem.

Looks like a burn going on Matagorda Island

Looks like a new railroad is going in along the route from Victoria to Houston

We were served by a nice guy named Alpha who checked and said that they didn't have any of the old model that we were assured they had on the phone. I could see Gordon was about to blow. He told Alpha that we had been assured they had the old model in stock so Alpha went to the back room to check for himself and after a few minutes he came back with the new model, straight off the truck! Lucky for Alpha as Gordon was not going to take this lightly!

One more stop at Whole Foods and we were home by 5:30 p.m. where I prepared breakfast for dinner.

Sunrays on our way home

Now to another subject.....

I was tagged by my friend, Linda on Facebook to give 25 random things about myself but due to bandwidth limitations, I don't upload any of the extra programs that Facebook provides so I decided to fulfill the 'tag' on my blog so here goes.

25 Random Things

1. I lived on a farm for the 1st 17 years of my life.

2. I went to a one room school for my 8 grades of elementary education and had the same teacher for those 8 years.

3. I am usually quiet and shy and am not much of a talker. I can’t make small talk!

4. I never really learned to swim properly but can keep myself up in an emergency (I hope).

5. I never had any children of my own but have 6 grandchildren thanks to my husband’s two children.

6. I took piano lessons when I was about 6 yrs old for 2 years.

7. I’ve been to England but no other country abroad.

8. We’ve been on several Caribbean cruises so have seen most of the islands.

9. Since 2004 my husband and I have been traveling full time in our fifth wheel and have been all over Canada and the U.S. Unfortunately due to the weather ‘all over’ basically constitutes the western and southern parts of the U.S., and some of the eastern states. We’ve been across Canada but not to the Northwest Territories.

10. I worked for 38 years before retiring.

11. I love Facebook and wish we had the bandwidth so I could try out some of the extras that they provide.

12. I have a niece and nephew of which I am very proud.

13. I love domesticated animals and hate to see them hurt.

14. I was born in early September and am pretty much a typical Virgo.

15. I need to sleep at least 8 hours every night.

16. I love to read.

17. I’m sort of crafty and enjoy painting sometimes and jewelry making.

18. I enjoy walking with some running sprints every day.

19. I enjoy birds but don’t consider myself a bird watcher.

20. I like to sit outside in nice weather and just enjoy the day.

21. I spend a lot of time on the computer. I have a daily blog which I haven’t missed writing in over three years (except for one night I was in the hospital).

22. I have a few TV shows that I don’t miss or if I do, I’m not a happy camper!

23. I enjoy being out in nature.

24. I don’t like to dress up and am not a party person.

25. I have never had an operation to remove any body organs.

OK, now I tag Dee to provide 25 Random Things about herself.


  1. I tag you to be a friend to Sherri and I on Facebook....

    Joe and Sherri

  2. ok, so now that I've read your blog I'll put 25 random things about myself in the 1-20-09 blog. Thanks for the challenge.


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