Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Goodbye Powderhorn, Hello Goose Island!

This morning it was only 35F (2C) and the wind was coming from the north so I again cut short my walk. Before leaving we did a bird run and even with the north wind we saw at least one of most of the regular birds and even our sandhill cranes down the street were out this morning. We also saw a cardinal and both Storm and Pyro came over to say goodbye. It's unusual for Storm to come to visit at all.

Pyro hanging around to say goodbye

One last photo of our little harbour

Coming back from my walk Delmer was just leaving the RV park to go home after his morning visit to the park and he wished us safe travels and thanked us for staying. They are such nice folks! I also went to the office and paid the electric bill $62.00 for 28 days) and said goodbye to Ginger.

Goose Island State Park is only about 45 minutes south from where we've spent most of this winter but it's still south! Since Texas State Parks have a 2 p.m. vacate rule, we weren't in a hurry to leave and pulled out at 11:30 a.m. - 46F (8C). The sun had come out by then contrary to what the weather forecasters had predicted, we didn't have rain this morning although it did rain some overnight. We arrived about 12:30 p.m., got checked in and paid for our two weeks. It's $20/day here (U.S. Funds). We don't have a sewer connection here so instead of conserving electric, we'll be conserving water! We got our water site so Gordon is happy. Here are some photos of our view.

Along the way

We're here!

We were mostly set up in about an hour today but it took some extra time to set up the satellites. After set up, Gordon headed down to the pier to take some photos and I went the opposite direction to the boat ramp area and the rec hall. It had warmed up to 62F (17C) so it was quite a bit warmer than forecast, thankfully.

Our site

View from our rear picture window

Close up of the pier taken from our backyard

Enjoying the day

The sun sparkles on the water

Our end of the park

On the other side of Stinky Beach

Tonight will be uneventful, I put some turkey cutlets in the oven, baked potatoes and corn and then some TV and maybe even a sunset!

Sunset taken from our side living room window


  1. Thanks for the pictures, this is our type of place. I have it on the must go list. Awesome pictures!!!!

  2. What a beautiful sunset! I can't wait to get to Port Aransas and see sunsets like that.
    You always have lovely pictures in your blog.

  3. Thanks for the pictures! You have a great site...did you have to reserve it or was it just available at the time of check in? I hope we can get a site that nice next winter.

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Charles aka Roz11:45 am

    What is your site number? Nice views!


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