Sunday, 11 January 2009

Finally Meeting Karon & Exercise

It was much colder this morning at 44F (7C) but at least the sun was out. It was windy but not as windy as it has been. I got up a bit later and didn't start out on my walk till about 8:15 a.m. I did the long loop again.

Ellie came over while I was having breakfast to let Gordon know that Jim was heading in to Walmart and had seen a large flock of sandhills on the way in so Gordon went off to find them. When they heard the truck though, they took flight! So he got a few flying photos.

A little while later Ellie came over again to tell me that Karon (Discovery Travelers) had gone to Rockport to pick up her mother-in-law and was heading north. She was going to meet her at TX35 and guide her back into our little warren. She said she hoped she could find it so I said I'd go along with her. I got Miss Pinky out of the truck to take along. We were traveling on TX316 when Ellie's cell phone rang. Karon was already on 316 so we just pulled over and waited for her and led her back to the RV park. It was so great to finally meet Karon. Two years ago when we were in Rockport, Karon sent us an email wanting to get together but we had left that day and when I picked up the email we were already in Beaumont, TX. So finally we got to meet! They only stayed a few minutes as they had a long drive ahead of them to get to where Karon's RV is parked.

Karon and her mother-in-law

After lunch I walked down to the pier and took some photos and then went next door and asked Ellie to come out and play so we went for a walk around the long loop again. I needed that to help me stay out of the cookies. I've been having a real sweets craving lately.

This is either a long or short-billed dowitcher, apparently they're hard to tell apart .

When the north wind blows it blows water from our little harbour out into the lake

When I got back it was back on the couch for me with my book, a chocolate bran muffin that Ellie had given me (Weight Watchers 1 point) and a nap!

I think we might have reached a high of 55F (13C) today.


  1. Arn't naps great. I would like to take one now but I am at my desk and I have too many people coming in wanting to talk to me...Of all things...about WORK!!! I mean that is soooo rude! Good to see that you got to meet Karon. She is a sweet girl. Have a great day and tell Gordon I said HI


  2. I always say I am going to take a nap but never get there.


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