Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Road Trip to Rockport and Port Aransas

Today's blog will be mostly in the form of photos. It was pretty cold this morning with the wind but the temperature was about 48F (9C) when I got up. Today's plan was to go to Rockport and get our reservation made at Goose Island State Park for when we leave here. We've signed up for two weeks beginning January 28th and we're promised a site by the water but not guaranteed that we will back on the water. We may be across the road.

This sandhill crane photo was taken on our way going north on the road toward Port Lavaca.

Here we are on our way to Goose Island State Park through Lamar, TX.

This is the sign for Stinky Beach at Goose Island State Park.

And this is Stinky Beach

On to Rockport, we stopped at Big D RV Resort and had a look around. I knocked on Deb's door but their truck was gone. I couldn't remember which site Donna is in unfortunately. As it was lunch time Gordon got his lunch at Taco Bell and then stopped at McDonald's so I could get a salad. We then went down by the picnic tables near the harbour but ate lunch in the truck as it was still pretty cold and windy even though the thermometer in the truck was reading 61F (16C).

This photo was taken across the road from the Harbour which is across from the Chamber of Commerce. We had stopped there to see what was happening as there's a lot of new building going up around Rockport and they've done quite a cleanup around the Harbour.

This photo was taken as we were crossing Redfish Bay on the ferry. This barge was being pushed toward the Corpus Christi Harbour.

A white pelcian posed for me as we reached the ferry terminal at Port Aransas.

Our first stop was the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. This is a great blue heron. He was really close and stood there so long without moving we started to think he was a decoy!

There was also a tri colour heron that wasn't at all skittish.

And a reddish egret was sitting on the pier when we went to leave. Unfortunately it's blurry!

From there we went to Mustang Island State Park. There is also lots of building around Port Aransas and a lot of beach houses that have been built on the way to the state park. They wereb't there two years ago!

This photo shows the 'host' rvers spots in relation to the Gulf. You can see it's quite a ways away.

And the beautiful waves!

Here's the beach. Mustang Island SP has a glorious beach!

My footprints in the sand. Unfortunately it was too cold for bare feet so you'll have to make do with sneaker prints.

Some boondockers on the beach in Port Aransas.

This dolphin was going along for the ride on the breaking waves in front of this ship.

We also drove by the Horace Caldwell Pier in Port Aransas and stopped at another fishing pier that always has pelicans around that are very nearly tame. They're waiting for fish from the fishermen.

And here we are on our way north toward home. We got home about 6:15 p.m. or so, tired but it was a really fun day!

We left Ellie and Jim at home today to get things done and from her blog it looks as if they got a lot accomplished.


  1. Hey Sherri and I enjoyed our trip today. When is the next one. Please let me know when we are leaving so I can get my things together.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. I can't believe we missed you guys!! We had to go to Corpus Christi 2 days in a row. We'll get together when you guys come to stay.

    Debbie & Rod


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