Monday, 12 January 2009


I was listening to the radio on a Victoria, TX radio station before I got up this morning and it said the temperature in Victoria was 27F (-3C). Brrrrrrrr! I was happy to see that it was 40F (4C) here. It's often warmer here on the coast than inland only 1/2 hour away, thank goodness! It did quickly warm up and was bright and sunny with no wind.

The plan today was to go into Port Lavaca for some groceries and Ellie decided to accompany me. We got that done and were home around 12:30 p.m. Ellie and Jim were going to Victoria this afternoon and I had some things to get done around the RV.

This afternoon after a nice shower, I sat outside and read for a while. It was nice in the sun. Our high today was around 62F (17C). I also watched the pelicans diving for fish. They are so funny. All you hear is a 'plop' now and then as they hit the water. They aren't the least bit dainty about it!

Late this afternoon I came in and made stew in the Dutch oven. It's not for tonight, it's always better made a day ahead. It just seemed like the right kind of weather for stew although this afternoon here was really nice, the nights are colder than they have been.

Photos today were taken around the RV park.

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  1. I am sort of like a pelican I dive into my food and make a plopping noise...just drives Sherri crazy.



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