Wednesday, 14 January 2009


There was no wind this morning and the temperature was 44F (7C) at 8 a.m. I walked and ran the long loop again. Having Ellie here is giving me energy! When I got back she was just leaving for her walk. We decided to go geocaching.

Unfortunately there's not too many geocaches in this area and many of them are virtual so today we did three virtual and two regular geocaches. So to explain the title of today's blog, we found five out of five!

The first one we went to find was a regular geocache. It was a large container and in it Ellie found a travel bug! We haven't decided if it will go to Canada with me yet or not but that's a possibility. Otherwise Ellie will take it to a different state.

Ellie looking in the cache

Here's the travel bug

The second one was a virtual cache. This is one where you find the answer at the location and then email the person who came up with the idea.

The third one took us into town, while there I took a photo of the lighthouse in Port Lavaca. This cache was also a virtual cache. In the photo Ellie is looking at one of the plaques in front of the lighthouse to identify the answer to the virtual cache.

From there we headed north to the Palacios area (about 25 miles) and found another one. This one was a regular cache as well in a waterproof matches container so it was pretty small. Here's Ellie holding it up.

Then back to our area again for another virtual cache find. In this one we had to identify the snake!

Ellie's GPS does much better than ours for geocaching but Miss Pinky drove us to the right area. We're going to try again in the Rockport area as there are many more there than in this area. So for anyone living in the Port Lavaca area, you need to hide a cache, go to to find out how to do it. It's a fun hobby and basically free except for the fuel to get you there. It works well for RVers because you're always in different places so you have new geocaches to find all the time! It was a fun afternoon!

Today was a decent day with a high of about 63F (17C) but the breeze was cool. Definitely a sweater day but much, much better than winter coats and boots! We had the door open to the RV all afternoon to let the sun in to warm it up.

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  1. I told Ellie that I would give her a high you get on too.

    Joe and Sherri


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