Saturday, 10 January 2009

Warm Saturday Then North Winds Blew In & Challenges

It was cloudy, a bit foggy over the water and 68F (19C) at 8 a.m. I saw Ellie leave on her walk as I was getting ready. I had decided before I got up that I was going to attempt the "long loop" this morning. I hadn't tried it yet being somewhat lazy. It's about double the loop I usually do. As I was heading north I saw Ellie quite a ways ahead of me, obviously with doing the long loop in mind as well. With her at a fast paced walk and me walking and running I did catch up with her but it took a while!

I got back, did my stretches, had breakfast and all of a sudden the wind came up from the north and it cooled down about 10 degrees.

Ellie had said when we got back from out walk that she was going to download the geocaches to her GPS. She came over later this morning and told me the geocache I looked for the other day is virtual and I could have looked forever and never found it. Ok then! There's another one nearby but apparently it needs maintenance. We decided to wait for nicer weather to go geocaching.

Early afternoon Gordon decided he wanted to go on a birding tour around the area so I went next door to see if Jim and Ellie wanted to come along. When I went over I noticed that Pyro had switched allegiance and was now snoozing in their recliners. The life of a cat!

Ibis and reddish egret

Ibis out food shopping

A pair of hooded mergansers

They got ready to come and we headed out. Because it was so windy we didn't see that many birds but there were a few around so photos were taken by everyone. We weren't gone long. I sat on the couch and read and did some computer stuff this afternoon.

I prepared some baked chicken and fried potatoes with salad for dinner.

The temperature leveled out this afternoon at around 54F (12C) so it wasn't too bad, just windy.

Pantry & Refrigerator Challenge

Fab Grandma has put out a challenge. She showed her refrigerator/freezer and pantry online and she's challenging others to do the same so here's mine!

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  1. Dang woman! That is on neat refrigerator. thanks for playing along in the challenge.


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