Friday, 26 December 2008

The Day After Christmas

Thank goodness the fog blew out today! That meant no headache for me. So I guess that's what's causing them. Our day was spent much as usual. It was 66 (19C) when I got up and it made it's way up to 81F (27C). There was a bit of rain this morning just as I was getting up but not enough to keep me from my exercise! By the time breakfast was over the sun had come out so after my morning internet, I sat outside and read.

This cardinal was hanging around as I was reading. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that we've decided my Mom has come back to earth in the form of a cardinal. I saw one the day before Christmas and then today so she's watching over me down here in Texas.

Yesterday there was a young pelican standing on the deck at one of the RVs looking in their door. They thought he might have been hurt or sick and sure enough, today he's dead. Poor little pelican!

Gordon came out just before noon and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a drive so after we had lunch we set out for Goliad. It's supposed to be an interesting little town but the sun started to go away as we were heading toward Port Lavaca so we canned that idea and just went into Port Lavaca, filled up with diesel at 1.99.9, found a chiropractor so I wrote down his information in case we need it in the future. We also went into Walmart to look at camera cards as the nice FedEx man will be bringing me a new camera soon and Gordon a new lens. These are coming to us from Gordon's Paypal account and sales of his photos. I'll give you details of the camera when I receive it.

From there we took the scenic route home through Magnolia Beach and along Matagorda Bay, into Indianola and then home where I sat outside again and read, then came in for a nap.

The end of another beautiful day on the Texas coastal bend!

This roseate was foraging for food at the end of our pier this afternoon.

Dark sky and sun shining on the waters of Powderhorn Lake.

I borrowed this from someone else's blog:

I had too much pecan pie today!

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