Sunday, 21 December 2008

Cold and Windy!

Gordon made some changes via Photoshop to our Christmas card. Can you see three changes from yesterday's card?

Today was very windy and colder with a high of 52F (11C). I got up later than usual as I could hear the wind outside and knew it was colder but up I got and bundled up for my walk. It actually didn't seem to be as cold as it was but the wind was really strong. I woke up with a headache. That's what I get for staying in bed longer than usual. Sometimes my walk will clear it but it didn't today so I took a Tylenol with my breakfast and it mostly went away.

I spent some time this morning chatting on Facebook with Dee. Her blog is Tumbleweed.
This afternoon I decided to make some Cornbread Stuffing. I was thinking that I would make it for the Christmas potluck here at the campground but I wanted to put mashed potatoes in it to make it more substantial but couldn't find a recipe so decided to wing it. I also added some bacon as I didn't have any giblets. It turned out really good but it's pretty labour intensive. I baked some chicken for dinner as well as it's far too windy to use the barbecue today.

My younger sister, Margie called today with some bad news. My aunt Ruth has not been well and is now in St. Vincent's Hospital in Brockville, Ontario awaiting placement at a nursing home. She really didn't want to give up her apartment but the time has come.....

My headache has also come back with a vengeance this afternoon but after sitting on my massage cushion for 15 minutes and another Tylenol it's a little better. I really hate headaches!

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