Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Potluck Prep

Today was cloudy and warmer. It's 54F (12C) right now at 7 p.m. Central Time. I didn't have to bundle up for my morning exercise.

After breakfast, I got ready to go into Port Lavaca to pick up ingredients to make my Cornbread Stuffing for Thursday. I was home before 1 p.m. with that.

I have been feeling lousy with a headache and stomach problems (probably related to the headache medication) so when I got home I unpacked the groceries, took the cookies I had purchased over to the rec hall and then went to lay down for a nap. I slept for about three hours.

When I got up I got the potatoes peeled, cooked and mashed, got Gordon's dinner ready while he went over to the rec hall to pick up some gumbo that Delmer was making. Gordon can't eat it as it's roux based but that was my dinner. It probably didn't do my stomach any good but it sure tasted great! While I was doing that, I made two pans of cornbread, cut it up and toasted it in the oven. So I have a headstart on Christmas dinner!

I feel a bit better after my nap. Sure hope it continues!

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