Sunday, 7 September 2008

Our Last Day in Lindsay

It was quite sunny when I got up and there was a mist over the river. Today I took my camera with me on my walk since it's our last day here in Lindsay.

Today's plan was to meet Betty at the Airport View Restaurant for a late breakfast so we met at 11 a.m. Their breakfast was good and it agreed with Gordon so that's always a good thing. We had a table by the window so we could see the little planes come and go. It's only a Municipal airport.

After breakfast Gordon left to do other things and Betty and I stopped at a few places as the plan was to go to the matinee showing of Mamma Mia which started at 2 p.m. Betty bought us breakfast for our birthdays and then paid for the movie for me. The theatre wasn't very busy so we got a good seat until someone came and sat in front of us so we moved just as the movie was starting so had no one blocking our view. It as an excellent movie, loved the songs! Meryl Streep was sensational as 'Donna'. Who knew she could sing so well. Too bad I can't say the same about Pierce Brosnan's singing but the movie was good anyway.

Pizza Pizza is right next door to the theatre and they now sell gluten free pizzas so I stopped and picked one up for Gordon on the way home. Here's a photo I took of some downtown Lindsay stores while we were waiting for the pizza.

Unfortunately when we arrived the gate was down at the campground so Betty couldn't drive me in and I had to schlep the pizza all the way to the RV! Sure hope he enjoys it!

It was sad that I had to say goodbye to Betty. We always have a good time during our stays here in Lindsay. She always treats me well and takes me lots of places!

Tomorrow it's back to our favourite campground in the Ottawa area and new photos! Oh and I went over 40,000 hits today!


  1. Over 40,000, that's amazing! You'll be up there with Tioga George before too many more years.

  2. I am just a few behind you on the hits....LOL like you have 10 times and many as I do. Oh well I'll be getting there someday.

    Joe and Sherri


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