Friday, 12 September 2008

Rain....and a CT Scan

It started to rain just before I got up this morning and continued on and off for the day. So I only did my indoor exercises and no morning walk.

My morning consisted of getting the vacuuming done, cleaning out one of the kitchen drawers and finishing my latest book. I usually like John Lescroart books but this one has taken me quite a few days to read. It was pretty slow at the beginning and only about the last quarter of the book was a page turner. The book is "The Second Chair". Now it's finished and I can move on.

Since we had to go into Ottawa for Gordon's CT scan for 7:20 tonight we decided to have our large meal at noon (which we should do more often) so Gordon was cooking burgers thank goodness for the awning as it was raining off and on.

We left around 5:30 p.m. to go into Ottawa. We needed to get some fuel for the truck. Amazing! Diesel fuel is finally below gas. We paid 120.4/litre for diesel and gas is 131.9/litre. It's about time! We also filled our empty water bottles then headed for the hospital. We knew we'd be early but didn't know where we were going in the hospital so being good little Virgos we like to be there early. We arrived about 6:20 p.m. or so and Gordon was taken right away so we were out of there and part way home by the time his scheduled appointment time came. We had to park quite far away so we were also lucky that we didn't get rained on! Glad that's over but we won't have results till his specialist appointment on October 1st.

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  1. I hope everything is fine on the CT, Gordon. I want to see you two this winter down south.

    Libras are also fanatic about being early, at least, Jim is, and he's a Libra!



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