Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday and Other Stuff

Happy Easter everyone!

Today was another beautiful sunny hot day with a nice little breeze. Thank goodness for the breeze or it would have been really hot at 85F (29C).

I had another beautiful desert walk this morning. I was walking along enjoying communing with nature and missed my trail so had to backtrack and there was no Easter bunny on the trail this morning handing out Easter eggs! Bummer!

More wildflowers

This morning I got my hair colored. I was beginning to feel like the old joke - she had such pretty blonde hair, too bad she dyed the roots black! It's darker again almost like it was when we first arrived in the U.S. in November last year. It's called medium ash blonde but always turns out dark on me for the first couple of weeks till some of it gets washed out. I like it darker for a change.

I sat outside and read the book that JoAnn brought to me the other day. It was a bit hard to get into but quite enjoyable after the first couple of chapters. It's basically the story of a middle-aged woman and the ins and outs of her life when her husband leaves her for a younger woman.It's called 'Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman' by Elizabeth Buchan who is a British writer.

Golden Gate Mountain framed by two palo verde trees.

This afternoon I changed the bed and put on those wonderful hand-me down sheets that I got this week from Ellie so I'm looking forward to sleeping on Egyptian cotton sheets tonight! Then since I decided no one but me would be silly enough to do laundry on Easter Sunday headed over to the laundry which was indeed, empty. Another lady came in later. While I was doing laundry I was sitting on the front verandah of the office reading my book when Ellie, her sister and her cousin stopped by so I got to meet them. They had been walking in the desert with Jasmine and Mr. Bo Jangles, Ellie's two miniature schnauzers.

I talked to my older sister this morning and the weather is cold but sunny in Toronto. I called my younger sister in Ottawa this afternoon and the weather there was also cold and sunny and the snow isn't melting due to it still being so cold. They're also expecting more snow on Tuesday. She says they still have eight foot snowbanks. Sure hope the campground in Kingston will be open and able to accommodate us! Margie & John have volunteered to let us park in their driveway but I'm not sure we'll fit especially with all the snow! I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

That about encompasses my day. Gordon is still not feeling the best so he rested most of the day.

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I love your recent photos. 85F sounds rough. Want to trade places? ;)

    We hid out in California for March Break and were hoping spring would show up in our absence. Apparently no one got that memo. Still snowy and cold. The Easter bunny is a snow hare.



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