Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Day in the Life.....

I went on my walk this morning but as I was passing a dead prickly pear I heard some rustling so I think there might be a snake living in there. Either that or some other little animal. Anyway, I made sure I skirted well around it and made lots of noise.

I saw this flowering cactus in the desert this morning. It was the only one!

JoAnn, Doug and Fillmore were leaving this morning so I caught them just as they were about to leave. JoAnn was actually walking down to say goodbye as I was walking up to see them. They are headed to the Bisbee area.

By the way here's the hook that RV Doctor put in the wall to hold the top of the stove up when I'm cooking.

This morning we went to Camping World to see if we could get a part for the stove that we needed as well as the new motor for the bathroom fan but they didn't have the stove part nor did they have the fan. Ours is made by Ventline. We got the stove part at Beaudry RV but still haven't found the fan and since Gordon didn't want to be out too long we came home with a brief stop at Taco Bell so Gordon could get his Southwest Steak Bowl. He said he wanted to do something 'normal' today.

This afternoon both of us had naps. Gordon slept for most of the afternoon. When I got up I went to visit our neighbor, Joy who makes beautiful necklaces. Here are some samples of her work. I watched her make part of a new one and she showed me how she makes each module and also the catch for the necklace. She really needs to sell them. They are so beautiful!

This is Joy wearing one of her necklaces.

Tonight Gordon told me that he hasn't been feeling well since he had his nap this afternoon and his fever is up but he doesn't feel like going to Emergency and sitting forever in the waiting room so if we have to go we'll go after midnight when most people have cleared out. When we left at 4 a.m. there wasn't anyone there.

Another night on the rv-dreams chatroom.


  1. Sandra,
    Hope Gordon is feeling better. It's not fun to be sitting around in an ER.
    Joyce & Jim

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Sure hope Gordon is making progress; We're sorry to hear that he is having such a tough battle, will keep you both in our prayers!
    Let us know if we can do anything!
    Hugs to both of you!
    Molly & Bob


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