Saturday, 22 March 2008

I Saw the Easter Bunny!

I've had a request for the recipe for Linda's Taco soup so instead I'll give you the link to Linda's recipes. For those of you that don't know, this site is a wealth of information. It has a forum and also a chat room.

Here's the link for recipes: .
The recipe for Taco Soup is under Main Dish Recipes.

Here's the link for rv-dreams website:

The link to the forum:

And the link to the chatroom:

For the chatroom just wait until the Java box shows a box to enter your name or any name and press Connect and you're in!

On to today - I had a great walk this morning and finally saw a roadrunner (photo on right) in the wild. I was so excited!

Walking up on the ridge in Tucson Mountain Park.

More wildflowers

I continued on into Tucson Mountain Park, came around a corner in the trail and there was the Easter bunny and his associate (photo below on left) just sitting there on the path. They let me get one photo before hopping away. Don't they look like the chocolate bunnies that you see in the stores?

On my way back I also saw a little cottontail but he didn't stick around long.

After breakfast, I asked Gordon if he was up to go to the Tohono O'Odham Swapmeet and he thought he was so away we went. The people were much more interesting than the swapmeet itself but we walked around it all. There wasn't much of interest to us though.

From there we drove into Tucson Mountain Park and walked a bit on the Brown Mountain Trail but only where it connects with Cougar Trail. By that time it was 80F (27C) and I didn't have much water with me so we came back to the truck after finding out that Cougar Trail isn't that far.

Brown Mountain with lots of wildflowers among the saguaros.

Not much was accomplished this afternoon however. I did start looking at the map again to see what direction we might take to head home. The consensus is to stay south as long as possible at this point.

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