Saturday, 15 March 2008

Desert Hikes and Desert Flowers

Today was much cooler with a breeze and not a lot of sun. I guess it's getting us prepared for our two day stint of cold weather.

I had another nice walk this morning and since it was cooler, I had another hike this afternoon. I took lots of photos of desert flowers and the sky. On my way back this afternoon I met Ellie and Jim with Jasmine and Mr Bo Jangles.

Desert trails

One of the 'intersections'
A little ground squirrel

I wonder if this staghorn cholla is starting to bloom?

Desert Flowers - the little white ones are called 'desert dandelions'.

All those little white dots are flowers.

And here are white, yellow and purple ones.

In between times, I sat outside and read, finished one book and went to the office and got another one. I talked to my sister in Toronto and the weather was warmer today and snow was melting. We discussed the Conde Nast Where Are You contest that we try to solve every month. If anyone knows the answer, let me know!

And late this afternoon, a long nap.

I talked to a few people to see what they're bringing tomorrow for the potluck.

That's about it for today except for another pretty sunset tonight!

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