Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Campground Potluck

Today was a pretty low key day for the first part of it anyway. I woke up to sunshine but the skies in the north were pretty dark. I cut my walk short as it looked like rain. When I arrived back at the RV the sun was gone but it wasn't raining yet so I did a run/walk around the loop.

This morning's dark sky

It sprinkled a bit here and there and rained now and then with sun at times so we had a mixed bag of weather. It wasn't too warm but that had been forecast so we just put up with it for a couple of days till we get our nice warm, sunny weather back.

The rest of this morning I spent reading. After lunch I started preparing my Baked Spaghetti to take to the potluck. Then got the dishes done and had a nice hot shower. In between times I spent doing jigsaw puzzles on and reading. Just as we got to the campground rec hall, Gordon decided he shouldn't be going as he wasn't feeling well and as we're scheduled to leave on Friday he doesn't want to get sick so he elected to stay home.

We had a pretty good turnout for the potluck. I didn't count the people but I figure about 30 or so. Lots of good food and the people really seemed to have a good time as well.

Our table at the potluck

Doc entertained a few of us with some details of his Africa Safari Trip which he's putting together for February 2009. He is taking about 30 people to Kenya and Tanzania on a safari. If we only had the $4000 per person, I'd love to go!

Campground owners, Doc and Christine Justin

I brought Gordon some of my Baked Spaghetti after we finished eating and then went back to help clean up. It was an enjoyable evening!

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