Friday, 14 March 2008

Potluck Stuff, Groceries, Chiropractor, Desert Museum

The evenings and mornings are getting warmer. Last night I was wearing shorts till I went to bed, then opened my window in the bedroom. The last two mornings I've only worn a hoodie and a T-shirt for my morning walks and ended up removing the hoodie both mornings.

I walked a different trail this morning. I took the middle trail through Pima County Park to Tucson Mountain Park then took the Prospector Trail through Tucson Mountain Park and back through the West Loop Trail in Pima County Park. Click here to see a map of the trails in both parks. Unfortunately the names of the trails aren't marked on the map and some of them don't seem to have names. Oh well, I know where I'm going!

This morning I went down to the office to see how Christine is coming with plans for the potluck and to pay them for another week. The ice tea machine she has is broken so she's going to make sun tea. I guess you put the water with tea bags in it outside and the sun makes the tea. She asked me to go and talk to the man that she had suggested would sing. It turns out he's sick with some kind of chest congestion so it's doubtful if he'll be able to sing on Sunday. So back I went to the office and asked Christine if she could provide some background music with a tape deck of some sort so she will look into that.

I went out to get groceries to make my Baked Spaghetti and picked up some lemons for the lemon tea.

Gordon has been having problems with his mid back the last couple of days so I had suggested maybe he should go to a chiropractor. When I got back he had decided that he would go. There is a chiropractor's office near us over on Kinney so he phoned the office and they said they would take him if we were able to come right away. Over we went and after filling out pages of forms he got his back adjustment. This chiropractor does adjustments like I've never seen ours do and he did get some relief from the adjustments.

When we finished there Gordon wanted to do something fun so we came back to the RV to get his camera and away we went to the Desert Museum for an hour or so. We saw lots of birds at the aviary and quite a few hummers and lots of pretty flowers. Above is a photo of a candle cactus that I saw at the museum.

Black Bellied Whistling Duck

Gilded Flicker
Hooded Oriole

I'm ready to relax! I thought I was going to spend the afternoon in my lawnchair. The afternoon temperature hovered around 80F (27C) but the wind came up and the gusts were quite strong at times so it wouldn't have been a nice afternoon for the lawnchair anyway.

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