Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More Shopping and Pot Luck Plans

I had another nice walk this morning. I had to take my jacket off about half way through the walk as it was getting warm. I saw three little rabbits along the trail and other than a few birds that was it although there were quite a few people out this morning.

Purple wildflowers in the desert.

My husband bought me another walking stick so I can keep one in the truck. Often we're out thinking we're just going for a drive and end up going for a hike so this one was purchased from a neighboring RVer.

I left at 10:00 a.m. to go into Tucson to do some shopping. Gordon had designed some new personal cards (like a business card) for me so I got those printed. I had broken the clip on my cell phone so got that replaced, got some cane tips for my walking stick at Home Depot, picked up a few other items then over to Walmart for groceries and got home about 2:30 p.m.
Here's my personal card. I've taken out my phone number for obvious reasons.

Someone had poured a lot of ice around this palm. Is that air conditioning for a palm tree?

Some pretty flowers near the Verizon store in Tucson.

We still had Doug and JoAnn's little tree that they left with us when they went to Mexico so I took it over to them and stayed and chatted with them for a bit and got to play with Fillmore.

JoAnn said that Ellie had mentioned having a potluck before we all leave. I said why not have a park potluck so I talked to Christine (owner's wife) about it and she'll talk to Doc and see me tomorrow.

I got some photos and a letter from my sister in Toronto in the mail.

Other than that it was 83F (28C) today with bright sunny skies.

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  1. Awesome picture of Fillmore...He is so cute!!!


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