Saturday, 2 February 2008

Quiet Day

Not much happened today. It was another beautiful day, warmer when I got up this morning at 41F (5C) than it's been for a while and the high here at Usery Mountain was 63F (17C).

I did my walk/run this morning as usual while Gordon was out on the Pass Mountain Trail. See all the birds on this cholla. I wonder why they don't get cholla barbs in their little feet!

After breakfast, I started reading my book (Kill Me) again. This is a really good book. I would highly recommend it. I like Stephen White's writing but this one is especially good.

This afternoon we had to fuel up the truck, get propane and a few groceries so we just went out locally to do that. Bashas was having a few sales - hamburger at 1/2 price and cured ham at 99 cents/lb. (regularly 2.99/lb.) Unfortunately I have no freezer room! Like I said before their specials are excellent but their regular prices aren't, for instance a large Folgers instant coffee was 9.49 and at Walmart it was 7.49.

It was so beautiful when we got back I sat outside for a while to get back into my book. It won't take long to finish this one!

Gordon went out to the Bulldog Cliffs just before sunset and I stayed here and went over to the Buckhorn Trail. I also took a little detour off it as I saw a rabbit but he disappeared. I also saw what looked like a Northern Cardinal but I couldn't get close enough to verify.

Unfortunately the clouds came in before sunset so Gordon's trip was short lived and he got back before I did.

Another fairly nice sunset tonight!

This is the Superstition Mountains this morning. I never get tired of looking at them. They are beautiful mountains!

This is a Chain Fruit Cholla also known as Jumping Cholla

This is a close up of the Chain Fruit Cholla

This is a dead ocotillo

Wow! Yesterday I had visitors to my blog from France, Italy, Belgium and Malaysia as well as all areas of the U.S. and Canada.

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