Sunday, 3 February 2008

Not Much Except the Super Bowl!

The sky near sunsetIt was cloudy most of the day today. Rain was forecast for this afternoon but it didn't happen so the Super Bowl didn't get rained on. However over night it rained a lot and was still raining this morning!

I walked and ran this morning but I don't think my foot is happy with running yet. It doesn't hurt when I'm running but it does hurt after.

Napping and reading was the order of the day. I finished "Kill Me" and started another Stephen White book called "Privileged Information". It's an old one that I hadn't read yet. My older sister called and we chatted for a while. They are on their way to Florida next weekend.

Gordon put the headphones on and watched some of the pre-game show and then the Super Bowl.

Nice sunrays tonight!

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