Monday, 28 January 2008

A Sort of Typical Day for an RVer

I woke up to sun! But the sky wasn't clear, all kinds of interesting clouds were around. I tried to get some photos of them on my walk but I couldn't get the angle I wanted without getting RVs in the photo so I walked the trail here in the campground again and got some photos from there. Oh well! Gordon had again gone out before sunrise to shoot and came back with his lower back out of place. Looks like a trip to the chiropractor might be happening soon!

This morning I did manage to vacuum without stepping on the hose and damaging my foot further. I had to carry the hose over my shoulder to be sure that it wasn't on the floor within easy reach of my foot.

When that was done and I had lunch I started out for the Superwalmart on Southern where I had gone when we were here two years ago. I'd been to every other one in the area so thought I may as well try this one too. On the way I found the Big Lots and Dollar Tree that I had been in two years ago as well but the building that housed the crafts that I was looking for a couple of weeks ago has been torn down. It was right near the mall with the Dollar Tree.

On to SuperWalmart which I found without a problem, got most of what I needed, drove by the Silver Ridge RV Park where we stayed last time. Everything looks the same except the bridge for Loop 202 over Southern Avenue is now in place and it was under construction last time.

The sun on the Superstition Mountains at sunset

A few photos at sunset, the rv-dreams chatroom and the end of another beautiful day in the Sonoran Desert!

Around 10:00 p.m. the rain came down really heavily and knocked out the satellite so the end of my chatrooms. Tonight I was chatting in three separate chatrooms,, the Titanium chatroom and MSN Messenger with my niece, Danica.

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  1. It's been a while since I have visited and I was pleasantly surprised by all your changes! Your Blog looks great Sandra!


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