Wednesday, 30 January 2008


This morning was partly cloudy and a little cooler than it has been at 41F (5C). I went for my walk, first the 1/2 mile Buckhorn Trail where I took a photo of the Superstition Mountains this morning and a lot of doves sitting on this old cactus. Then onto the paved area where I finally managed to start running again, three bursts for the first time in about 8 weeks. Felt good!

Superstition Mountain this evening

When I got back I proceeded to get ready for my dentist appointment. I was only having my teeth cleaned however they insist on doing x-rays. I thought okay a couple of x-rays, no sweat. I don't really like all that stuff in my mouth as I have a strong gag reflex. Guess what? Eighteen, count them 18 x-rays. I've never in my life had 18 x-rays done on my mouth or anywhere else I don't think. Talk about major mind over matter. With a lot of deep breathing I managed to get through it. Then got my teeth cleaned. He was very happy with my lack of tartar and said I was really good at taking care of my teeth however my mouth needs major restorative work. After the cleaning, he and the dentist went through my mouth and showed me on computer what needed to be done and provided me with a written estimate of the most pressing things. Wow! So for anyone who has asked about going there, I can tell you they're very thorough and very good. They said to mention my name when you go in. Cool!

From there I had planned a day for myself shopping so off I went to the Superstition Springs Mall. There I managed to find my gold bathroom rug and toilet seat cover that I've been looking for. Thanks J.C. Penney Home Store! It was also on sale!

Other than that I just looked around and had an amazing lunch at Paradise Bakery there, 1/2 turkey and cranberry sandwich and a bowl of potato soup. They throw in a chocolate chip cookie with all sandwiches. Yummy!

I then proceeded next door to Ross where I picked up some gold towels. Our bath towels are plain gold but I also got two large towels to hang by the sink. I don't like small ones as they get wet too quickly and don't dry fast enough in the RV when you're using one bathroom all the time. Where are my three bathrooms I used to have!!! Anyway here's a photo of one of the bathroom towels and my new rug. Our theme in the RV is gold and burgundy. According to Titanium it's a 'rose' theme but there's no real rose anywhere that I can see. Now I'm finally color-coordinated!

As I was heading north on Power Road to go home, the sky was very dark and the sun was shining on Red Mountain. It was so pretty but with all the light standards and the fact that I was driving, no photos.

When I got home, I told Gordon so we headed out to Red Mountain and took some photos. Unfortunately the sky wasn't as dark in that area any more but it was pretty dark over our own mountain and the sun was shining on the Superstitions. Every time you look at the Superstition Mountains they look different!

The Salt River with Red Mountain in the background

We also had a fairly nice sunset!


  1. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Hi Sandra,
    Hickiwan Trails in Why, Az. is aprox. 15 miles from Organ Pipe N.M.
    Kelly, a.k.a bayfield bunch

  2. I know it was probably mentioned earlier, but who & where is the dentist>

    Awesome photos, BTW!

  3. Hi Sandra,
    The pictures are beautiful. Happy to learn you are able to run again.

    Hugs, K


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