Thursday, 31 January 2008

Not Busy...Not Busy...Not Busy...

Just as a follow up to yesterday's posting, I've had requests for details on the dentist I went to. Here they are: The dentist is Angela Pelletier, DMD, Family Dentistry at Ellsworth and Brown Road in the Bashas' Shopping Center, 1145 N. Ellsworth Road, Mesa, Arizona 85207, 1-480-830-7801. Don't forget to mention my name if you happen to go to them.

The photo above was taken on our walk just before sunset. Lots of birds in this tree, there were more but I cropped the photo to make the birds larger as it was taken from quite far away. Today was bright and sunny but colder than yesterday at 37F (3C) when I got up. I went for my usual walk and walked on both trails within the park as well as on the paved road. No running this morning as my foot was still unhappy from all the pressure put on it yesterday. I read for most of the day and was on and off the internet. Gordon went out to do a trail but I decided not to go. The day was sunny and cool reaching a temperature of only 54F (12C).

Just before sunset we went for a long walk around the park. The end of another fine day at Usery Mountain!

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