Sunday, 23 December 2007

Grocery Shopping, Sunset and Moon Rise

Only 33F (-0.5C) this morning at 8:00 a.m. Should have gone to Florida! Miami is to be 79F (26C) today with a low tonight of 65F (18C).

Just lazed around again this morning doing not much of anything.

This afternoon we went out for groceries and since this is the weekend before Christmas we decided to go to the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery. This is basically a Walmart without the Superstore but unlike Canada the Neighborhood Groceries have only groceries and a pharmacy including cosmetics, hair supplies and everything else you'd see in your basic pharmacy but no clothes, shoes, toys etc. Having said all that, although the store was not crowded, I wasn't impressed. Maybe others feel the same way and that's why it wasn't crowded. There were a few things that I get quite regularly that the Supercenter always has that they didn't have here. Oh, well, I just wanted to see it and compare to the Supercenter.

On our way over we stopped in a nearby housing development and took photos of the southwestern architecture. I really love the building styles and the fences made out of abode as well. It is really funny to drive into a housing development and the first thing you see is a paddock of horses. After all we are in the southwest!

We reached a sunny high of 61F (16C) today. That wasn't bad but still not Florida's temperatures!

I'll leave you this evening with a photo of this evening's sunset and the evening sun shining on the mountains as well as the moon rising over Golden Gate Mountain and the sunset reflecting on the RV.

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