Saturday, 29 December 2007

Campground Searching and A Long Nap

From Usery Mountain Regional Park, Mesa, AZ

Superstition Mountains at sunrise.

I had planned to leave early this morning to go and get groceries at Walmart. I was going to drive myself. I haven't been driving because it was my right foot that I sprained so this would be my first time out in over two weeks. However at the last minute, Gordon decided to go and we thought we'd go to Gold Canyon and check out some places to stay after we leave here on January 10th.

Our first stop was Canyon Vistas, a really perfect 55+ park, with perfect little sites a with a perfect little concrete patio. The landscaping was perfect, it had perfect little craft rooms and so forth and we can use Passport America for the first week. The people were all very friendly. I talked to a lady in the laundry room and a lady that was in the stained glass/pottery room and 2 ladies in the library and they were all very nice. I'm looking for a place where I can get laundry done and get some books when we leave here. This place had both a nice laundry room and a big library.

Our next stop was Gold Canyon RV & Golf. Another perfect RV/park model 55+ park but I asked for a spot for a couple of weeks and the lady said they were booked. We decided that this probably wasn't a place for short term stays.

The problem with these parks is the lack of nature and natural settings. We've gotten spoiled lately with the parks that we've found, most of them being out in nature.

There was another park on my list called Budget RV Park (no website) that claimed to be close to Lost Dutchman State Park. It's not and we happened across it by accident. This is indeed a budget park with people crammed together like sardines. No thanks.

We then started to go to Walmart, realized it was Saturday around noon and decided to go home and come back tomorrow as there was nothing that I needed urgently.

This afternoon was a complete waste. I lay down to read while Gordon was taking a nap at woke up at 3:45 p.m. I kept dreaming that I was awake! We had planned to go out for a drive this afternoon so now I don't have much in the way of photos for the blog. Consequently I'm doing something I haven't done for a long time and borrowing some from Gordon.

Bulldog CliffsThe flower of the ocotillo
I didn't wrap my foot today and it seems none the worse for it. I'm wondering if the bone on the side of my foot is just bruised now.......


  1. Sandra, We stayed at Lost Dutchman State Park a couple times when we were passing thru'. Don't remember if it had hookups but was very pretty with some easy hiking trails.

  2. Sandra, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. I have completed it.

    I love your pictures. They are just outstanding. The middle of January we will be leaving Las Cruces and heading towards Arizona. I just hope the weather is warmer (a few degrees would be great) and we can leave the hose outside during the night.

    Safe travels!


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