Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Our First Day in Lindsay & My Medical Condition

Today was a pretty low key day. We took our time getting ready this morning. I sat outside for a while to dry my hair and read while I was out there. We put out the mat and the awning so I took another photo as yesterday's wasn't very good.

After lunch, we drove into Lindsay to see if there was anything new but the only thing I saw was a new Shopper's Drug Mart that had opened. It was under construction last year. We didn't stay out long as Gordon was tired.

When we came back I sat outside again for a while and walked around the park taking a few photos but the day has been cloudy with a few sprinkles of rain although about 27C (80F). They badly need rain here. The grass is yellow and the river is way down.

I haven't called my sister yet. She's not expecting us until next Monday and I want to get some things done like getting everything I need off my PC. I also want to get this shortness of breath thing resolved again. It's been over a week now. I've doubled my medication which solved the problem last time. I've been using more pillows in bed thinking that would work instead of raising the head of the bed but apparently it's causing more harm than good. I've tried extra antacids and called and left a message with my doctor's office in Ottawa today. If I don't get it resolved through her I guess I'll have to go to Emergency here in Lindsay. I'm not incapacitated, I just can't walk far or take a deep breath all the time. I apparently also need to cut out orange juice so I'll try that for a while. I definitely want to get it resolved one way or another before leaving Lindsay. Getting old's a real pain!

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