Wednesday, 8 August 2007

More Relaxing

Today was another low key day. The temperature reached 30C (86F) but there was quite a wind gusting to 12.9 mph at one point. Our wind station only reads every 2 minutes so it's possible that the gusts were higher. I sat outside and read enjoying the sun and the wind. I had my lunch at the picnic table.

Late this afternoon, I came in and had a 2 hour nap inside.

I felt better today in some ways. I still can't always take a deep breath but I felt kind of weak today. I didn't get a call from my doctor which I consider strange. I was in a chat room last night talking to another lady who has the same problem and she uses mylanta when the breathing problems happen. I tried antacids today but didn't go out to get anything. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm again borrowing a photo that my husband took while in Carleton Place.

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