Friday, 10 August 2007

Just A Perfect Summer Day

Today was an absolutely perfect summer day with clear blue skies and bright sunshine and a temperature of 28C (83F). It was hot in the shade and with a constant breeze, beautiful in the shade.

This morning we drove in to Peterborough about 1/2 hour away to go to Home Depot to try to find the rain gutter that we're looking for as support for our sewer hose. Couldn't find it at Home Depot. There was a Rona nearby so we found what we were looking for there and bought 2-10 foot lengths which they sawed in half for us. While there we filled up our water bottles as the water machine at the local Loblaws was out of order yesterday. We also had lunch at Taco Bell. I had a caesar salad which was pretty much a bowl of lettuce with a bit of mozzarella cheese and 3 bacon strips on top but it took away the hunger pangs. I'm hoping the cheese doesn't give me a problem but I've heard that it's melted cheese that causes the problems. So far, I've been good. We stopped at Zellers and got some bungee cords to keep the sewer hose in the rain gutter so I think we've got the material we need to do the job! Lots of traffic in Peterborough. It's become a busy small city!

We traveled back to Lindsay through the country instead of sticking to Hwy 7 and arrived home around 2:00 p.m. I sat outside and read for a while, took some books I had read down to the office to exchange. They have a nice book exchange here. I walked down to the water and took a couple of photos one of which is this young couple trying to encourage their Rottweiller to go into the river. He wasn't impressed!

The other photo is one Gordon took at dawn this morning of a blue heron. Pretty, isn't it?

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