Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Good News & The Bad News

Well the bad news is my breathing is pretty much the same but the good news is since I haven't been doing my daily walk my back isn't bothering me. But not walking is making me feel like a slug!

I called my sister this morning and just caught her as she was on her way from the cottage to Toronto for a couple of days. She'll be back on Saturday. However on her way back she stopped at the RV to say Hi.

After breakfast and showers we set out to see if we could find some eavestroughing for our sewer hose. Many RVers have found that this makes for a good support however we couldn't find what we wanted at either of the Home Improvement Stores in Lindsay so we'll have to
make a trip to Home Depot in Peterborough. We stopped at a couple of grocery stores to buy
some food and then returned home.

Today wasn't all that warm, about 24C (75F) and was mostly cloudy with a couple of sunny breaks. When we returned to the RV, I tried to sit outside and read but it was rather cool so came in and again had a long nap on the couch.

Again, I didn't take any photos but here is one Gordon shot this morning that I think is very beautiful!

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