Sunday, 5 August 2007

Cobourg NOT! Now in Lindsay!

Last night we went to say goodbye to the owners of the campground, Dave and Shonagh and sat for a while with them in their gazebo overlooking the Mississippi River. It's such a pretty spot!

We weren't too 'on the ball' getting ready to leave this morning. We're badly out of practice. We didn't get on the road till shortly after 11:00 a.m. We headed west on Hwy 7 to Norwood and then south on Hwy 45 to Cobourg. Cobourg was a hot spot today. Everyone and their uncle was there. The campground we were going to is right down on the waterfront in the middle of the town. With it being a holiday weekend the waterfront was very busy. When we arrived at the entrance to the campground, the gate was down and there was someone else sitting in the driveway with his popup waiting to get in. I went over to ask him if he could move and he wasn't happy. Apparently there was no one in the office and they had been there 15 minutes. We were in the middle of the road waiting to turn left into the entrance and as such, we were blocking traffic as the street isn't very wide there. I went in search of office staff and found her cleaning the bathrooms. I indicated that people couldn't check in and were blocking traffic and maybe she should go back to the office. When we got to the office she told us our spot # so we drove in and found out that it was not nearly big enough for our rig. She said they were completely full except for that spot and the one beside it but someone was coming in to that one today. We went back to the office and she called her boss who said to put us in the larger site however just as we were getting that settled, Gordon came to the office and said that we couldn't see either satellite from that location so we decided to leave. The campground was very busy, RV's parked like sardines, not my type of place. It sure looked nice in the spring when no one was there!

I then called Double M Campground in Lindsay and asked if we could come in a week early. We were told to come ahead so we arrived here just before 4:00 p.m. The site they wanted to put us on by the water is taken until later in the week so we decided just to go with the spot we had last year, so we're set up.

Gordon didn't feel like BBQing tonight so we had planned to go to Taco Bell but were too tired. I had a can of corned beef hash that didn't seem to have any gluten in it so we had that with green beans. When I opened it, I thought it looked like dog food but it tasted okay and we really didn't care much at this point.

After our dog food dinner we took a walk down by the water. There's a really nice breeze and the sun is shining and we made it! We're here till September 20th!

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