Thursday, 6 July 2006

Rediscovering Old Haunts

This is the interior of the schoolhouse at Ault Park. It looks somewhat like my school with the wood stove and the desks except we had a lot more desks to accommodate around 40 students.

This school at Ault Park reminded me of the school where I spent all eight of my elementary school years at SS 9 1/2 & 15 just west of Williamsburg. My school was white instead of read but it was a one room with one teacher and eight grades. I consider that I got an excellent elementary school education with Mabel Whitteker as my teacher for all eight years.

Today was cooler with sun and cloud. After walks and breakfast, I got the laundry done. Not the best laid out laundry room in the world, only two washers and two dryers but no place for hangers to hang up clothes and very little folding space so I wound up bringing the stuff home to match socks and stuff.

Gordon had gone to Upper Canada Village when I left to do laundry and I was outside reading when he got back.

This afternoon we all went for a drive, stopping at Ault Park which has some of the buildings that were originally in Moulinette, one of the lost villages of the Seaway. It also houses the ‘Lost Villages’ Museum.

On to Cornwall and drove around the city to see what had changed. I’ve been there over the last few years but not to look over the changes in the city. We drove by the place where I used to spend time in the summer when I was a kid. Lots of things have changed over the last 50 years making it look more like an actual city. The area along Water Street has been cleaned up a lot and is now a park with a Curling Rink and an arena. They have stores now like Staples and a shopping mall with a Sears. I've never been impressed with Cornwall mostly because of the paper mill and the smell however there was no smell today. We drove to the Saunders Dam but couldn't get anywhere near it. No public admittance so we headed home getting back a little after 3:00 p.m. I started to read outside but found it too cool so I came in and read and had a nap. After that, dinner and TV!

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