Monday, 3 July 2006

Our Last Day at Ottawa Municipal Campground

Since today is our last day here at the Ottawa Municipal Campground for a while and we’ll be heading to Morrisburg, I decided to stock up on groceries as they are overpriced in Morrisburg as it’s considered a tourist area due to Upper Canada Village and the river. I got back around 1:30 p.m. and then sat outside and read for a while.

It was hot and humid today. We had a thunderstorm around 6:00 p.m. We’ve had a really lousy summer as far as weather is concerned.

Late this afternoon, Gordon and I went back to Zellers and got him a couple of golf shirts. One of his favourite shirts that he bought in Grenada years ago when we went on a cruise every winter bit the dust this week. I’ve been trying to convince him that golf shirts are easier to wash and don’t need to be ironed so now we’re going in the right direction for replacements for his shirts.

We started to pack things up late this afternoon so we won’t have so much to do tomorrow morning. The weather is supposed to be iffy tomorrow so it’s better to get things done ahead of time that can be while it’s not raining!

I didn’t take any photos today so borrowed one from Gordon that he took of a dragonfly at Morris Island on Sunday.


  1. Sandra,
    You asked a while back when were we going to Canada -- well today we ventured in to the foreign land and visited Waterton Lakes Provincial Park and it was just as wonderful as it was 30 years ago. Hope to get some pics on the blog in a couple of days when we get back to our coach.

  2. You're still a long ways from us in Ontario. I've never been to Waterton Provincial Park. We stopped at Banff on our way west last year, that was the first time I've been to Alberta. It takes 3 days from where we are to get out of Ontario so it's not just a quick drive away! Are you planning on going elsewhere in Canada?



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