Friday, 7 July 2006

Doing Stuff in Morrisburg

This morning's photo that I took on my walk

Me standing beside the tree that the family planted in memory of our parents

It was bright and sunny this morning when I got up so after walking Bib, I went for another long walk around the campground. I saw a cardinal but he wouldn’t pose for a photo and I didn’t see much else interesting except someone paddling a canoe in the little pond, photo above.

Gordon went to Upper Canada Village for opening at 9:30 a.m so I got the vacuuming done and the floors washed while he was gone.

This afternoon we drove into Morrisburg and visited the tree and plaque that my sisters and I had planted in memory of our Mother and Father. It’s planted along the walkway that runs along the St. Lawrence River in the park in Morrisburg. Then we went to the grave site. After that we drove to Mariatown and had a look at Arlor Haven RV Park. I didn’t think we’d fit there but it looks like it would be no problem. The only thing is that I think they only have 20 amp service. It’s a beautiful location right on the river. It might bear looking into in case we want to come back to this area. After that we walked around the shopping mall to see what was there and I picked up some wine and a few groceries, then we came back to the RV where I read and both of us had a nap.

Poor Bib got to stay at home today as it was too hot to leave him in the truck while we were at the shopping mall. He gets extra treats when he has to stay at home and he's usually happy with that.

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