Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday February 6, 2010-More Bread

Well, I bit the bullet and went for my walk this morning but it was cold, sunny but cold. This is the first morning that my glasses fogged up so much that I had to take them off till they cleared, then they fogged up again. If we have to stay up here again next winter at least I won't have that problem after my cataract operation.

I spent most of the day reading but I did make Gordon another loaf of bread so at least I did something worthwhile today.

Nancy went to visit a friend who lives in a small town about an hour south of here and is staying overnight. She took Max with her so we're by ourselves for the first time in a while. It feels odd!

Last night Gordon went to the opening night of Winterlude to take photos of the fire works. Winterlude is a yearly event up here.

I borrowed one of his fire works photos for my blog tonight. There hasn't been much worth taking photos of lately.

To read Gordon's latest update, click here.


  1. Great photo, when I try that it ends up spotty. I sure hope you're not there next winter. It's time to meet us down south.

  2. Stay warm! Nice photo you borrowed. What are you reading these days?


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